Sunday, May 23, 2010

Timothy and Alexis'

Timothy and alexis are just perfect! they have been dating for 10 Mothns i think? we have gotten to knkow there family infact this is there computer im on right now ahah... weve gotten to know there granpda and pretty much the rest of there family ...they RE JUST SO CUTE nd i hope they get married

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 bye bye so long fare well

Last year of High School
Last year in Vivace
Last year living in the house
Last christmas living in the house
Got his liscens
Turned 17
Crashed his car :)
Conducted at The fist holiday concert
Had a first holiday concert
Started Drivers Ed
Last year at Junior High
First Year at High school
Broke his back
got a girlfriend "Alexis Anna Ross"
Played Baseball
Got a PS3
Loved Nazar
Got a Permit
Went Hunting
turned 15

Semi Fresh 8th grade :)
Went to kennewick
Went Hunting
Had our first yr. concert
Last year before grades actually cound :/
Made abuncha new friends
Broke his phone in recliner
Got a new phone
Turned 13

Went to Mossyrock
Went hunting
Went to Astorya
Went o Longbeach
Became Closer as a family :)
Mom went to wisconsin
Lost Grandpa :(

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Baking

Today and yesterday the family has been busy BAKING!!! We made fudge, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, lemon bars, key lime bars, cranberry bliss bars, No bake chocolate cookies, brownies,, and Carmelita's We learned to clean as you go
cranberry bliss bars

Chocolate no bake cookies

Key Lime Bars


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Holidays

Once again it's "That" time of the year! This year has been especially stressful. Christopher has managed to have his first car wreck. Luckily, it was somebody we knew. He backed into their van with our truck. All after a wonderful Music Concert at GK that he conducted in.. and was Marvelous is.. It cost us $1800.00 That was Christopher's gift...hehe...
Timothy's back is healing however, he is reconsidering his choice in careers. He still has time to decide. He may take this whole season off, even though he may be able to play in March.
Tanner is dealing with Life in Junior High.. His Love for Old Women has yet to change, and has now joined the Betty White fan club on Facebook.. He looks forward to Golden Girls.. Such an old soul..
I'm just trying to keep up with the boys and the new dog. Tanner has nicnknamed her Pepecheecks! She in turned pooped on his bed. They like each other
Abby our cat has turned into an instigator, she throws stuff on the floor so the dog gets them, and enjoys watching Ellie getting in trouble..They have yet to bond!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Family Forever

Tanner has now been making a bunch of videos now ever since he downloaded movie maker.

He took the lapotop over to eastern washington and made musci videos with anna macy christian and himself. He now has something to do in his spare time until he starts fencing